5 Knitting Machine Types: Basic Knowledge for Beginners in Knitting

5 Knitting Machine Types: Basic Knowledge for Beginners in Knitting

Clothes are one of a person’s primary needs. We cannot survive extreme temperatures without the warmth and security clothes provide. Thus, the clothing industry produces clothes perfect for each season. Industries need a knitting machine to produce clothes and meet the demands of the people. Knitting machines help industries to create knitted fabrics with fashion.

An industry can choose several knitting machine types depending on their application needs. Knitting machines ranges from simple spools to complex mechanisms which electronics control. Each type of knitting machine produces different kinds of fabrics, and it may be flat or tubular.

Short Background of Knitting

Industries make clothes through interlocking yarns in loops with the use of needles. The fabric design depends on the pattern and knitting machine. Knitters create pattern stitches through hand manipulation. The innovation of knitting machines provides mechanical or electronic technology to create patterns.

It was in 1589 when the knitting machine was invented as stockings were a fashion trend. Some knitters oppose this invention. For some of them, the art of knitting has become their primary source of income. Today, knitting machines are the basic equipment in knitting entrepreneurs of hobbyists.

For some people, knitting is a hobby. Knitters have the freedom to create their masterpiece through their skills and creativity. Meanwhile, some knitters produce knitted fabrics for business. In a period of time, the knitters realize the importance of a knitting machine. Knitting machines deliver fast and efficient production at a low cost.

Types of Knitting Machines

There are various types of knitting machines, yet they still produce clothes. These clothes provide comfort and security to their wearers. These knitting machines will range from entry-level to high-complex electronic machines.

Weft Knitting Machine

Weft knitting machines use single yarns to knit fabrics. The product of this machine looks like hand knitting. It uses two straight needles that knit the material in a circular form. Industries use weft knitting machines more than warp knitting machines. As warp machines have the most straightforward method.

Fabrics made from weft knitting are comfortable, warm to wear, and stretchable.

Circular Knitting Machine

There are two variations of the circular knitting machine– the single jersey and the double jersey. The single jersey variation of the circular knitting machine is the modern type with a more straightforward design. The machine consists of the latch needle and the sinker set. It creates accurate motion in knitting.

Meanwhile, the double jersey circular knitting machine has two separated sets of needles. One set is in the cylinder and the other one in the dial. These cams take control of the knitting action to produce the fabric.

Flat Bar Knitting Machine

The flat bar knitting machine is best for fabrics that have 3D or flat creations. The needles in the machine align on the straight bar making a back and forth movement. The needles follow a horizontal pattern. It is a knitting machine that can produce complex knit designs at the speed of 0.5m/s. Industries use the flat bar knitting machines to produce fabrics with collars, sweaters, and armbands.

Straight Bar Knitting Machine

You will notice an alignment of bearded needles in a straight bar knitting machine. The cam system controls the movement of the needles. Moreover, you will observe several divisions along the length of the machine. In the divisions, you will see the knitting heads where fabrics are knit along with the panel.

Warp Knitting Machines

There are two configurations for the warp knitting machine, the tricot, and raschel. The raschel knitting machine uses coarser yarns to warp the knits to produce fabrics. Meanwhile, the tricot machines use finer yarns to produce knitted fabrics.

The mechanism of this machine is quite easy; it twists and locks the warp into a loop to form the following warp. When the machine works, its needles move in the trick plate, which limits the level of the loop. Industries use warp knitting machines to produce bags, coats, military and lace fabrics.

Innovators develop knitting machines to increase the process of manufacturing knitted fabrics. It calculates the patterns making it more symmetrical, giving a high-quality finish product. It is best to consider the needed materials in knitting fabric.

With this, you have an idea which is the right type of knitting machine for your business. Moreover, you need to have a trusted knitting machine manufacturer to assist you.


Among the knitting machine types, the industry needs to choose what they need. Manufacturers have to consider the degree of complexity and knitting pattern. Each knitting machine has its different functions. Innovators of these machines are well-thought to provide the needs of the people. Moreover, the industry must have a reliable knitting machine manufacturer.

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