Best Logitech Wireless Headsets of 2020 in the USA For Gaming

Many people have been taking a huge interest in the gaming world, and the diversity of games has reached its peak. So it’s obvious that in order to play these games, you will need top tier devices. Logitech wireless headsets of 2020 serve this purpose quite diligently.

You can see the best gaming gear from this brand below.

1- Logitech H600 Wireless Headset

Affordability and hands-free mobility being the strong points of this headset, this electronic gadget is one of the best in the market to satisfy your game hunger. It comes with a tiny USB dongle receiver to insert the headset and an over-the-head wearing style. The simplicity in the design is attractive and to-the-point. It has a lightweight body of black matte color. Stereo digital level sound quality and noise-canceling features are delivered by the headphones so that you can immerse yourself in games.

The adjustable headband is useful for finding the best fit. Comfort is secured by the foam-padded ear-cups, which enables you to wear it for long periods. Wireless capability is impressive at such a small price. A radius of 33 feet is more than enough to roam around freely while still receiving wireless signals. The built-in boom flexible microphone can be folded inwards when it’s not in use. Battery life consists of 6 hours, and you can use the device while charging it through the USB cable.

This headset is not only excellent for gaming but for Unified Communications platforms as well, such as Skype, Gmail Hangouts, Windows Live, because it is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs. Laser-tuned drivers located inside the speakers enhance the sound. No software is required for installation. On-call Controls manage all the device functions. All in all, this computer-based headset is cheap but very practical. The box comes with a USB charging cable, USB nano receiver, and the headset.

2- Logitech H800 Wireless Headset

This foldable headset has ear-mounted intuitive controls and an over-the-ear design. The user will feel ultimate comfort wearing the earphones because they are lightweight and 3 inches wide. The top cushion and ear-pads have padded comfort and are constructed by strong synthetic materials to last for a long time. The adjustable noise-canceling microphone makes the games sound stand out.

A rich digital stereo sound system is made by a built-in tone equalizer and laser-tuned speaker drivers. Bluetooth technology gives you wireless freedom. The battery life of 6 hours is equipped with rechargeable batteries. Although this headset can be used for any activity, it is best suited for playing games and listening to music.

An adapter for the video game console and PC makes it worthwhile for playing online and talking on UC apps. A powerful radius of 40 feet allows you to maintain a strong connection between the paired up device and the headset. More than 7 Bluetooth devices can be connected. The flexible microphone can be rotated in any direction and position. Not many wireless headsets come with so many features.

3- Logitech H820e Wireless Mono Headset

Exceptionally made for the purpose of wireless communication and a big coverage range, this unique headset is a must-have for gamers. It boasts auto-pairing, on-ear intuitive controls, and a foldable noise-canceling microphone. Both the ear-cups and headband are made of leather and are padded. Sporting a monaural design, the device can be charged with the charging stand, which just needs to be docked.

It is DECT enabled, which means that the wireless coverage of the device will not interfere with other networks. An adjustable headband allows you to perfectly fit the headset. The LED indicator shows the status of various functions. A busy light indicator which flashes red lets the surrounding people know you are occupied. The coverage range is 100 feet, whereas the headset can be used for 10 hours. Portability is the goal, which is achieved by the lightweight body of 3.1 oz.

Business applications Compatibility such as Microsoft Lync, Linux, and Cisco increase the versatility. The combo of the microphone and headset is plug-and-play, which does not need software to connect with PC or Mac. The Digital Signal Processing and Wideband audio improve the quality of sound. Any Bluetooth device can be automatically paired by putting it at the charging stand.

Apart from the noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation is also provided for eliminating potential background interruptions. Ears are protected from loud noise hikes of 115 dBA or more by the Logitech Sound Protection. If you wish to increase the wireless coverage area and deployment, you can switch to narrowband. The package comes with an AC adapter, the standard headset, charging stand, and a USB cable.

4- Logitech H820e Wireless Dual Headset

Offering DECT spectrum capability and a double ear design, this headset can easily be used for long periods of time. Having enterprise-grade performance, it is equipped with smart on-ear controls, in-call Busy Light LED indicator, and a flexible on-boom mute button. A long wireless coverage area of 100 meters is provided, which is perfect for roaming around freely.

Wideband audio technology enables the user to use it for a long time. The earpads can be replaced and are made by soft yet strong materials. The headband is adjustable and extra padded for convenience. You can wear the headset for more than 10 hours. It is made compatible with Skype for business and Cisco. Smooth pairing occurs when a Bluetooth device is placed at the charger dock of the headset.

The two features of noise cancellation and acoustic echo cancellation are helpful in blocking the surrounding background noises so that you can enjoy the dynamic sounds of the game. Moreover, the sounds exceeding the level of 115 dBA are automatically dispelled by the Logitech Sound Protection. You can switch between Narrowband and Wideband as well. The connectivity mode is plug-and-play.