Cheap VPS Hosting with Ultimate and Cost Effective Hosting Plans – Onlive Server

Cheap VPS Hosting with Ultimate and Cost Effective Hosting Plans – Onlive Server

Virtual Private Server hosting is the supreme solution for a cost-effective and symmetrical solution to deploy your applications on the world wide web. This is the most widely accepted choice of hosting. We offer clarity, security, scalability, and reliability to our VPS hosting service, not only to improve the performance but also to decrease the excess costs.

Our VPS hosting servers are built for delivering high quality, reliability and performance. VPS hosting is where you can carry the entire control in your custody as the server is committed to your website, that it is private in nature.

A VPS hosting is always recommended than a shared hosting due to its popularity and added advantages. Some of them are explained below.

  • You will get complete root access to install and maintain your own applications on your server.
  • You will get all the supplementary server resources like RAM and Disk Space
  • Your website as well as the applications remain unmoved by the actions accomplished by another user on the same server as this is virtually private in nature.
  • Your data is much more secure than that of a shared hosting.
  • You can choose the desired operating system for your VPS hosting. This can be a windows or a Linux type of operating system. You can get the most secured, fully managed and affordable Linux & Windows VPS hosting services for both Windows and Linux platforms.

VPS Server hosting is the supreme choice for all your business needs as it provides full control of your server and application. While delivering a cheap VPS hosting, we do not compromise on performance and quality. As the feature of customization is an advantage of hosting, you can customize your server based on your requirements. We, as a successful and experienced hosting provider always suggest VPS over any other cheap hosting service if you have some serious business needs to do.

Several growing businesses do not have the fund or the actual requirement for a dedicated server. But they want some cost savings and also require servers and resources for their own use. For the firms that want the cost savings of virtual private server hosting with all the advantages of the best data center infrastructure, we now provide a perfect VPS hosting solution.

All our hosting solutions have complete privacy and security and are even protected against any kind of hardware downfall. If your server is running on VPS hosting and has any type of problems, like hardware trouble or scheduled downtime, your server will get moved to another machine; automatically within no time.

Virtual Private Server is actually a hosting setting that provides you your own unique virtual private server. That is why this type of hosting is most popular among all others. Each of the hosting plans are private and secure area that administers as an independent server. As mentioned, all our VPS hosting plans ( can be totally customized to match your particular hosting business needs. We are also giving our users the feature of scalability along with hosting, that you can upgrade the hosting server anytime as your site grows. It’s a tremendous way to start. This is called scaling up.

As we provide fully managed services, you can get full root access, which in turn will help you to install the advanced software. You can also do complete customization as mentioned above. These are possible when you choose our fully managed services. Also, for easy administration, the integrated cPanel is provided which acts as the backbone of your server.

As in server hosting, as it is private in nature, it will have numerous and personal dedicated slots on the same virtual machine of which it works in the allowed part. Each of these slots can be selected and then assigned to these dedicated resources which are needed for your business.

Benefits of VPS Hosting
Some of the main benefits of choosing our hosting solution

  • The VPS hosting offers whole and complete freedom. You are free to manage your server as you like, you have access to everything and you can install all the software you need. Customization is also possible here
  • VPS server hosting is not conditional on the traffic or the audience received to the website. You have your own resources and you are separated from other servers so you will not face any lags which are affected to other servers.
  • Security is another important feature of why the users choose VPS hosting. Hosting in VPS is very much secure. This means that, all your records are private and inapproachable to other clients regardless of their rights on the server. Privacy is very well maintained in server hosting.

We only offer fully managed VPS hosting services, so that all the problems and maintenance in the server part is completely managed by us. We have a strong expert technical team with us who are experienced in dealing with any problem of server management. Our fully managed VPS hosting systems are a good option for those who need the technical team to work with their servers so that they can invest their time doing business. Our fully managed VPS hosting plans make it easy for the users to focus on the business itself instead of maintaining the system.

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