How to Organize Business Cards – Smart & Easy Ways!

Most business people have stacks of business cards that are sitting around their home, office, and wallets. No doubt, storing hundreds of business cards can be challenging tasks, but it becomes simpler if you know the right way. If you’re also among one of them and want to know how to organize business card details efficiently, then keep reading!

5 Smart Ways to Organize Business Cards:

These are the ways through which business people can readily organize their business cards.

Download Business Card Scanner App:

It’s time to use the right and best business card scanner app for android and ios that allows you to create, share, and organize your business contacts using online OCR. In this modern age, the free business card organizer is the best way to organize and scan business cards by using your phone. The app just scans your card and converts the entire detail of card into a digital format automatically.

The best business card reader for phone will assists you to read-out the business card data into multi-languages. Moreover, the business scanning app will allows you to scan the QR code of business card to save the contact details. If there is a QR code on business card, then there are some apps for business card that will perform QR code scanning.

Also, you can find business card app that helps you to:

• Export scanned business contacts via google, outlook, and card

• Import the business contacts from google, vcard, outlook to your app

Use a Business Card Scanner:

There’s no doubt that business card scanners are similar to traditional document scanners, but they are smaller and using OCR online. These scanners once became very popular before smartphones widely available around the globe. These devices are still useful, but the drawback is that you can’t carry them around for scanning quickly as you can do with a smartphone.
Business card scanners provide you with similar features to the business card apps, where they will automatically generate digitize business cards for your convenience.

Buy a Business Card Book:

This is an out-dated way of organizing business cards, but it still takes place if you don’t have too many of them to store. The downside of business card books is that you ought to bring them to every business event that you go to – or even remember to put back your collected cards in there afterward. This can be a really daunting task; however, there are some people who lose a business card within 5 minutes of receiving it. So, the best and secure way to use the free business card scanner app for android and ios to digitize and scan your business card by using a feature of advanced OCR.

Keep Photos of Business Cards on your Smartphone:

If using a third-party business organizer app isn’t your choice, then simply you could always take pictures of business cards and store them in a separate album in your photo gallery. By doing so, you come to know where to find them, if needed.

Make sure you take photos of both the front and back of the business card, as you don’t want to miss any important details from the card. Although this isn’t the best way to store business cards detail as you cannot be able to organize them in the best way. So, get a business card reader app that enables you to read the details from business card and organized them in a digitized way. You can visit this site: to keep business card photos on your smartphones/

Get a Business Card Case:

Most office supplies stores have business card cases you can buy, which include dividers so you can organize the cards in whichever order you want. Most of them hold up to around 600 business cards which is more than enough for most people.

You can purchase business card cases that include dividers in which you can easily organize the cards in whichever order you need. Most card cases hold up to around 600 cards. Most of them are adjustable to fit different size cards.

However, the downside of these cases is that you cannot be able to get it around. So, business card scanner app for ios and android that scan cards using free OCR and save your card details within a secure manner.


Thankfully, you people come to know how to organize business cards in simple ways. You can find multiple ways to do so, but the most recommended way is to keep business cards organized by using an online business card organizer app. The app becomes with a user-friendly interface and provides you with the ease of saving and organizing business card data.