Mailtrack: Functionalities and What Is In Store For iOS Users

Mailtrack: Functionalities and What Is In Store For iOS Users

If you are wondering what is email tracking, then here is a very simple and easy-to-understand explanation for you. In a nutshell, email tracking is a method that is used for the monitoring of emails that have been sent to a person, and the way the recipient responds to the emails. Email tracking is extremely useful for companies that rely heavily on social media marketing and email marketing. It will allow you to get measurable and reliable metrics for your email marketing campaigns, and will also allow you to come up with marketing strategies in an effective and productive manner.

How Does Email Tracking Work?

Many people are reticent about using email tracking software because they do not know how the system works. A lot of people have the unfortunate misconception that email tracking software is a kind of spyware. Email tracking software (which are usually browser extensions) attach one very small pixel to the mail body. If the recipient opens the email and views it, then their web browser will make a request to the server to parse the image. This request will be logged, and you can basically view when the email recipient actually viewed what was sent.

 What is Mailtrack?

Mailtrack is a very reliable email tracking software that can be used directly with your Gmail. All you need to do is install the Mailtrack web browser extension and start measuring how your email marketing strategies are currently faring. This trace email software will actually denote whether an email has been opened/red or not by using double ticks. Until quite recently, Mailtrack was only available for individuals using their computer or Android device. However, they have received an app that is compatible with the Apple iPhone’s iOS.

 What are the New Functionalities?

The new iOS mobile Mailtrack app will allow Apple iPhone users to start tracking their sent emails from their Gmail app. Mailtrack is not available on other devices like the iPad yet, but the iOS-compatible app is certainly going to be useful. Mailtrack currently has more than 1.5 million active users all over the world. Now that they have expanded into the Apple iPhone user base, they can expect a sharp increase in the number of loyal users. The app will allow users to access basic email tracking, with additional metrics available on computers.

 How Can Email Tracking Actually Help Someone?

Tracking the metrics and the responses that your emails are eliciting from customers and potential customers will allow you to curate personalized and effective marketing strategies for them. Some of the important metrics that Mailtrack for smartphones will allow you to track are:

  1. Email Open Rate: How many people are opening the emails you’re sending
  2. Email Click-Through Rate (CTR): How many people are clicking on the email links
  3. Unsubscribe Rate: How many people unsubscribe after receiving an email
  4. Conversion Rate: How many people completed a specific action after click the link

Tracking these metrics will help you engineer strategies in an effective manner.

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