Mechanism Behind Bone Conduction Headphones

Mechanism Behind Bone Conduction Headphones

Most of the people while talking on the road are crossing the very busy road and have headphones in their ears. These headphones does not let them hear the sound of the person next to them or the surroundings, which can be a little dangerous. But Technology has changed so much that there are headphones which can help you in listening to songs as well as the sound of the surrounding at the same time. And that headphones are bone conduction headphones. Here I have explained how do these headphones work and make your hearing experience greater.

Sound are not just sounds but they are vibrations

You must have read about the fact that light and sound both can travel through the air. However, the sound is also known for traveling freely through dense object too and which is why they are called as pressure waves. These pressure waves are known for causing the objects to vibrate even if they are not visible with naked eyes.

The human ear is designed in such a way that the bundle of a tiny organ presents inside the ear also react to the sound. The eardrum vibrates first and then with its encouragement various other ear organs also vibrate. Once all the organs inside the ear starts vibrating then the work of cochlea begins its work ok and record whatever it hears. Then data is sent to the brain and there it is translated into voices or music whatever you are listening at the time.

If you have understood the working process of ear understanding the working of bone conduction headphones is not a big deal.

Working of bone conduction headphones

So, we can save your dream is not required for hearing but without eardrum, other ear organs will also not vibrate. Bone conduction headphones are those headphones that do not require eardrums. Because headphones of these kind vibrate the bones in your head to transmit sound that is bone conduction headphones sends vibrations directly to the inner ear of the human through the skull which makes other tiny organs to start moving. This moment makes the cochlea confused as it is not able to tell the difference and start recording the vibration and then send them back to the brain which makes you hear the music.

These headphones are designed in such a way that the sound waves in your ear are pushed through the skull, not the air.

The reason why one should use these headphones

Since these headphones bypass your eardrum which helps you in keeping your ear free from pushing the sound into the air. You can use them while talking to people or during exercise and while traveling in traffic. It means you can use these bone conduction headphones while doing day to day life work with ease. These headphones are also used by a person with a hearing disability and one with conductive hearing loss. As in this hearing disability, your eardrum is damaged, the part which is ignored by the bone conduction headphones.

Lastly, the question arises do you need to buy the bone conduction headphones? This totally depends on you and your budget. If you want to enjoy listening to your favorite song as well as want to hear the sounds around you, then you must buy a good quality bone conduction headphones. Moreover, if you are looking at what something into your budget, then just stick with the one headphone that you have with yourself.

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