TCL Electronics Focuses and Shapes the Ultra-Large Screen TV Market

TCL Electronics Focuses and Shapes the Ultra-Large Screen TV Market

SHENZHEN, CHINA – EQS Newswire – 29 November 2019 – TCL Electronics (01070.HK) held a new products exhibition with the theme of “Welcome to Large-screen Era”, showcased 14 types of ultra-large TV products covering 4K and 8K resolution with the sizes between 75-inch and 100-inch. The launch of these ultra-large TVs fully demonstrated the Company’s future direction and the ambition to be No.1 across the globe.

TCL Electronics mainly focused on ultra-large TVs, with the sizes from 75-inch to 100-inch in the exhibition. The unveiled TCL 75-inch C10 dual-screen QLED TV is the first TV with dual-screen and quantum dot technology in the global market. Quantum dot technology is a pioneer display technology, featuring wide colour gamut coverage, pure and long-lasting colours, which is able to truly present colours of the nature. Moreover, the brand new dual-screen design also brings different Smart user experiences to consumers.

TCL 85-inch X9 8K QLED TV provides the most completed integrated 8K solution. Its every part is manufactured with 8K technology, from screen to image engine, computing ability, distribution channel and chip, which presents real HD resolutions. The product is expected to be the first consumer affordable 8K TV product in the PRC market as it is only priced at RMB 19,999.

Last but not least, TCL 100-inch X6C is positioned as a huge-screen private theater that delivers smooth and super-clear visual experience, with a selling price at RMB 79,999.

In addition, the Company announced to film the first 8K documentary with Myles Connolly, producer of BBC documentary, “Earth: One Amazing Day”, in the event.

What makes TCL Electronics becoming one of the market leaders is mainly due to it carries out a series of layout integration, thus, it obtains leading advantages in the TV industry and it also integrates both the upstream and downstream industry chains. In the upstream, there is a highly efficient synergy between TCL Electronics and TCL CSOT on researches and applications of new high-end technologies including 4K/8K,QLED,Mini LED-backlit, which unleashes competitive edges on product qualities and cost controls for TCLE’s ultra-large TVs. In the downstream, the Company has already launched a variety of ultra-large screen products to propel the industry into “Large-screen Era”.

The Company putting an emphasis on ultra-large TV manufacturing also demonstrates its right development path. According to a joint report, which is the summary of Chinese Colour TV market in Q3 2019, conducted by All View Cloud and China Video Industry Association, the market share of 65-inch and above Large-screen Colour TVs in terms of sales volume continued to grow; both of the market shares of online and offline channels increased by 5.2% and 7.3%, respectively. However, in terms of 50-inch and below Mid-small screen TVs, the market shares of online and offline channels dropped by 5.5% and 7.1%, respectively. The data clearly reflects that the demand for large-screen TVs is in uptrend, thus it becomes the momentum of the TV industry, while the Mid-small screen TV is a shrunken market.

Referring to the interim results 2019, TCL Electronics’ market share in terms of TV sales volume remained at No. 2 in the global TV market. Its total TV sales volume of 65-inch and above surged by 116.5% year-on-year, while the PRC market and the overseas markets soared by 114.6% and 204.1%, respectively. It showed that the Company’s development direction fully matched with market trends. Thanked to leading large-screen and display technologies, improving 8K industrial chain, well-established overseas production capacity layout, and adhering to high-end and premium products strategy, TCL Electronics has successfully avoided the price war in the low-end TV market. With correct development strategy, TCL Electronics not only will continue to improve its business performance, but also lays a solid foundation gain the largest market shares of global TV shipments in the future.

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