Things to Consider When Investing In a Pipe Inspection System

Things to Consider When Investing In a Pipe Inspection System

If you run a business dealing with underwater plumbing and underground wiring, you understand how messy, time-consuming and expensive it can become to check the health of the pipes. Several storm drainage solutions and sewer systems around the globe are incorporating advanced technology such as high-resolution cameras on remote-operated crawlers. The camera inspection is considered to be a lot quicker, easier and accurate than traditionally conducted physical inspections.

The thorough pipe inspection through CCTV and underwater cameras makes it easy to accurately pinpoint the problem areas, thereby eliminating unnecessary expenses linked to an incorrect diagnosis.

If you think it’s time to revolutionize your inspection programs, investing in the right kind of ROV camera or submersible robots is very essential.  Choosing the right system can ensure you go a long way and this article is going to help you in doing so.

So, here are some things to consider before spending your money in a remotely operated vehicle equipped with the advanced camera:


It is quite natural to get baffled by the choices available in the market. To sort things a little, you first have to determine your application or where the camera is going to be used. Is it for a plumbing purpose to inspect blocked drains on an everyday basis? Or for factory maintenance to ensure large scale wiring, underwater pipes and underground systems are working fine? Is it for your fish farm that needs net inspection or for divers who are on rescue missions?

Remotely operated vehicles provide real-time visual which can be deployed with bespoke tools. For a different application like pipe inspection or rescue operations or municipal maintenance, there are different ROV cameras with different configurations and features. You can always contact industry specialist in case required.

Ask for the features

Knowing the features of a product you are purchasing is very important. This new-gen high-performance viewing equipment is very useful for long-range pipeline inspections of different diameters. For example, the advanced DT340 Pipe Crawler can inspect pipes ranging from 8 inches to 36 inches in diameter. Ideal for municipality pipe inspections, the camera crawler is completely submersible.

It is battery operated and hence, you do not need any CCTV truck for carrying a power supply generator. Pipe crawlers with cameras can be operated with a handheld remote. With 360 degrees viewing, it also gives you the option for underwater video recording with a voice that can directly be uploaded to any asset management system.

Things included in the package

It is very important to ask what are the accessories or tools you are getting with the package. Is that sufficient to operate the crawler or you need to purchase additional equipment? Also, ask for an elaborate manual or user guide for easy understanding.

Usually, a pipe crawler includes a static or pan, tilt and zoom camera, handheld remote video controller, wheels, additional lights, and powered reels.  Pipe crawlers for pipe inspections can work under -5 Degree C to 40 Degree C.

Company experience

Make sure the company from which you are buying has a very good after-sales-service because you might need support in understanding the functions at first. Experts from the company can make things clear to you and give you a live demo of the ROV. While choosing the company, also check the testimonials, range, and features of products available.

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