Top 5 easy YouTube challenges for kids

Top five easy YouTube challenges for kids

Social media is bringing a whole new world of fun at the comfort of your home. Today friends and family can enjoy games through technology. The fun is also extended to kids who are now exposed to social media. Though dangerous at times, parents can sort out the best YouTube challenges for their kids. It’s a way to keep them active and happy. These challenges help develop social and verbal skills; it also promotes creativity as they can build their own YouTube channel.

Advantages of YouTube challenges

YouTube is a popular platform where millions of YouTuber and viewers meet. Here different, educative, funny and creative skills are featured. The YouTube challenge is one of the trending games today.

  • It’s easy and fun helping to kill boredom.
  • Keeps the children happy and gives ideas on how to create their channel.
  • The challenge attracts a lot of viewers, with this the page gains popularity.
  • It’s a new way of earning.
  • Helps meet other streamers, YouTubers from different part of the world.

What to avoid?

There are thousands of challenges today, though fun for the audience. It might be a risk to the children; parents have checked and get involved.  Children are explorers by nature and will try everything they see on social media. The harmful challenges involving fire on the sockets, missing from home and where they have to eat bitter spices.  It can be harmful to the child’s health, monitor every challenge before they watch or create for their channel.

Best YouTube challenges for kids

  1. Try not to laugh challenge

The challenge is fun and harmless; kids will listen to a funny clip or watch a funny video and try not to laugh. The one who holds for long wins, the kids will enjoy and laugh, which is the right way to bond.

  1. The whisper challenge

The whisper challenge is fun and enhances concentration. The challenge requires one child to wear headphones and play loud music. The other child will stand in front and say some words out loud. The child listening to music has to try and read their lips then repeat the words. It fun and calls for more attention to give the right answer.

  1. Mannequin challenge

The last actions are quite funny; the game involves a group of children or adults. They will dance or get together, pose and freeze in their own space. Then one person will take photos and record the scene as music plays in the background. It fun to watch the frozen actions; the challenge applies to both adults and children.

  1. Eat it or wear it challenge

The challenge involves various types of foods packed into bags. They are of different flavours; the players can choose to eat or wear, which is messy fun. However, check on food allergies and choking hazards. The participants number the food bags first, then place numbers in a bowl. One player will pick a number and select the food bag which has a similar number.  They have the choice to eat it or wear it, if they eat the persons takes the leftovers and smears their partner. In case they refuse to eat the other partner will mess the person with food. It fun and dirty. Children can play the challenge with specific food type to avoid allergies. Participants need play clothes since it’s a huge mess by the end of the challenge.

  1. Baby food challenge

Baby food challenge can be tasty at times for the young age and also fun. Her the participants get baby foods of different flavors. They can blindfold each other, taste and guess the flavor. The participant who gets it right wins the challenge.

Kids can enjoy many more challenges. However, the above are risk-free and best suited for all ages. Parents should supervise to avoid injuries and allergies due to some food.  It enjoyable if one does the challenge to create a YouTube channel. It’s a pleasant way to make extra cash and also develop in all aspects.

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